cCWCS Active Learning in Organic Chemistry workshop, June '13

Location: Charlotte, NC
Presenters: Justin Houseknecht (Wittenberg U.), Cathy Welder (Dartmouth), Vincent Maloney (IUPUI-Ft. Wayne), Bob Hanson (St. Olaf), Kerry Paumi, Joe Workman, Jennifer Muzyka (Centre College)
Date: 9-11 June, 2013

TWO-DAY MINIWORKSHOP FULL - no longer accepting applications

Given that peer-to-peer learning has been shown to be effective in the classroom for a number of desirable outcomes, classroom assessment techniques with the use of classroom response systems can be used to introduce it to any size population.  They can be incorporated into traditional lectures or used to completely “flip” the class particularly with the use lecture capture technology.  To a large extent lecture capture and the flipped classroom may provide a path to the best of both worlds.
This two-day workshop will give organic chemistry instructors an opportunity to learn more about innovative pedagogical approaches and technological tools used in teaching organic chemistry.  We will have sessions on pencasting (LiveScribe and Educreations), clickers, and different ways to flip your classroom (video capture and just-in-time teaching).  Participants will learn about Jmol and how it can help students visualize structures and reactions.  Many Jmol resources are available and ready to use with students.  Online tools to develop Jmol pages will be presented.  In addition to these novel methods, we will spend some time discussing bread and butter topics like literature searching and writing assignments, textbook comparisons, and how upcoming changes to the MCAT might influence the organic curriculum.
One of the most difficult aspects of implementing new teaching methods can be developing questions to use.  After the workshop, participants will have access to an online community where instructors can share the questions used with clickers or flipped classrooms.  Workshop leaders will give a jump-start to this resource by providing classroom-tested questions they have previously used.

The workshop begins with an evening reception, followed by two full days of activities.

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