A Primer on Evidence-Based STEM Teaching

A free, online course began on Monday, Oct. 6th and will run for 7 weeks.  It's not too late to join!  Weekly topics include:

  • Principles of Learning
  • Learning Objectives, Assessment of Learning
  • Cooperative Learning, Peer Learning, Lecturing
  • Inquiry-Based Labs, Problem-Based Learning, Writing to Learn
  • Inclusive Teaching, Student Motivation
  • Lesson Planning
  • Conclusion

It's sponsored by NSF, and I can testifiy that the week 1 videos are informative and enlightening.  You also have the ability to join a Learning Community in your area to discuss the topics in greater detail.

While the stated target audience is graduate students, postdocs, and new faculty, I have seen forum posts by a number of folks who are experienced faculty or educational technologists.  I encourage you to take a look!



Cathy Welder, Dartmouth College

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