OrganicERs Recommendations for Videos

  1. Students do not find videotaped lectures very useful if the lecture lasts as long as a class period. A developing consensus suggests that it is much more effective to break up the material into shorter videos. If the video is longer than 6 minutes, the length of time that students watch decreases. Typically the length should be determined by the time it takes to explain one concept, which can often be done well under 10 minutes.
  2. Khan Academy-style videos (tablet screen with writing appearing) are preferred for tutorials. If PowerPoint slides or computer screen are necessary, add annotations for emphasis.
  3. If PowerPoint slides will be used, students prefer to see the instructor’s face at least occasionally.
  4. Speaking quickly is good because it conveys energy and enthusiasm.
  5. Advertising that breaks up the flow of videos should be avoided.
  6. Videos should include only chemically accepted concepts.
  7. Audio and video quality should not detract from the content of the presentation.
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