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My focus on teaching aligns with my interests as well as the applications associated with some of my research. Learning is a lifelong process; it does not begin and end within a formal classroom setting bounded by time limits. As such, I attempt to incorporate real-life challenges and opportunities for active learning into my classes. This problem-solving approach helps students better understand and retain the principles and concepts I am offering them. I also introduce research projects into my laboratory classes, such as the design and synthesis of new inhibitors targeting metalloenzymes, to provide skills and practical knowledge students can carry with them into their future professions.

Research Interests

Our interests, a collaborative effort with other researchers across the country, are centered around the following aims:
• The design and synthesis of medicinal compounds using molecular docking models and investigating the structure-activity relationships (SAR) of metalloenzyme X-ray crystals, including histone deacetylases, beta-lactamases, and arginine biosynthesis (arginases and ornithine decarboxylases)
• Extracting naturally bioactive agents from plants native to West Texas is associated with anti-cell proliferation, antimicrobial activity, and brain function mechanisms.
• The development of microwave-assisted synthetic methods to harness bioactive molecules in ways that are effective, efficient, and safe for the environment
• The investigation of toxicities of cosmetic ingredients’ chemical reactions before and after their formulation

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