Organic Chemistry Monopoly

This is a game to practice the majority of the concepts of the 2-semester Organic Chemistry sequency.  It is basically a modification of Monopoly.  Streets are specific mechanicms, naming, or multi-step synthesis concept and the train stations are the different spectroscopy concepts.  To be able to buy the student has to first correctly answer a question before it can be bought.  The circulation of money loosely mimics research funding and patents. Please contact Anja Mueller (muell1a@cmich.edu) for any copyright questions.

Structure Property Dominoes

This is an adaptation of the dominoe game.  Basically, each domino has one one side a functional group, on the other side a property, and the students have to match them correctly.  It is good practice, since the combination of dominoes in their hand will be random. Not all dominoes will be attached since that will be beyond the allowed file size. 

An Automated Grading Spreadsheet for Reports or Presentations

Sally S. Hannicutt
Journal of Chemical Education
An Excel workbook is described that automates and simplifies the use of any grading rubric for written reports or oral presentations. The accompanying workbook can be modified to include a user’s specific rubric and grading scheme.