Tegrity and iClicker Costs

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Tegrity and iClicker Costs

Some participants asked what the cost of iClicker (for clicker questions) and Tegrity (for lecture capture were for my university.  Here is the e-mail I received form our IT people.

"The Tegrity pricing is very usage sensitive. The service is cloud-based so what we pay the vendor is all-inclusive. Dividing the number of classes into the annual price results in a figure of between $ 600 and 700 dollars per course per semester.
The iClicker service is dependent on two components. A hardware receiver and teacher equipment per classroom and student clickers. The receiver and teacher equipment is a capital cost and a small number ($ 300 or so per classroom). The student clickers is where the money is.....Students have to either buy a hardware clicker ($ 50) or a e-version for the mobile device ($ 20 +)."
This may be more than some hoped but there are alternatives.  I can get more informaiotn upon request.
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