Literature-Based Problems for Introductory Organic Quizzes and Exams: Small Groups Engaging with Real Chemistry Problems

Kevin M. Shea
Author Affiliation: 
Smith College
Literature-based problems expose students to current, real world applications of chemistry.  These types of problems are often confined to graduate and advanced undergraduate courses.  This session will focus on incoporation of literature-based problems in Organic I and II courses on quizzes and exams.  Students are given at least one week to study and discuss portions of a paper outside of class in small groups.  Then students are asked to answer quiz and exam questions based on the paper.  Examples of problems from Organic I and II along with problem development suggestions will be highlighted.  Students show high levels of engagement with and interest in the primary chemical literature when faced with these types of assessments.For slides from the presentations, please see
Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, 2016; Greeley, CO
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