Learning on demand versus the traditional face-to-face lecture.

Jess Jones
Author Affiliation: 
Polk State College
Upon attending a previous cCWCS workshop on Active Learning in Organic Chemistry the author was introduced to lecture capture technologies.  These activities have been used by the author previously to create remedial videos for the Organic Chemistry classroom.  A more ambitious project was enacted for the General Chemistry II classroom.  A semester of in-class lecture was used to create a series of Learning On Demand videos.  These videos showed a real classroom with the author discussing topics using PowerPoint as a visual aid while working problems on a white board.  The videos gave a "real classroom" experience, with the advantages of being accessible at any hour and controlled by the user, allowing for waning attention spans.  These videos were then used as the focal point of comparison between three separate courses:  a fully face-to-face course (the parent course), a fully on-line lecture course, and a face-to-face course that had access to the Learning On Demand lectures.  Initial classroom performances will be discussed along with logistics of the process.
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BCCE 2016
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