Data Comparing a Second-semester GOB Course Before and After Flipping

Doug Schirch
Author Affiliation: 
Goshen College
The second semester of a GOB course (organic and biochemistry content) that had been taught in the traditional format for nine semesters was ‘flipped’ for the last two semesters. Most students in the course are from demographic groups with low retention rates at the institution. With all lectures moved to videos that students watch before coming to class, class time was used to assess readiness for problemsolving and supervised group problem-solving work. Several principles from the book, “Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning,” were also incorporated into the class. The effectiveness of the course changes was evaluated by comparing scores on ACS final exams, numbers of students who received grades of WFD, and student survey responses. The student responses gave input on time spent outside of class, their preference for the flipped vs. the traditional format, the frequency of re-watching lecture videos, and whether they believed this course would help them do better in other courses. Observations from the first year of the flipped class were used to make additional changes in the second year. 
BCCE 2016
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