Post BCCE 2018 Report

The 25th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education was packed with exciting presentations on innovative ways to teach chemistry.  The Active Learning in Organic Chemistry symposium with 28 presentations over four sessions was well attended. Three sessions had approximately 50 attendees and 98 were present at the Assessment & Technology to Facilitate Active Learning session!   Twelve members from past ALOC workshops gave presentations.  There were lively discussions (in a good way) at each session.  Justin Houseknecht and Cathy Welder presented a workshop on Active Learning in Organic Chemistry: Backward Design.  Justin Houseknecht and Alexey Leontyev led another workshop entitled Active Learning in Organic Chemistry: Collaborative Learning and Classroom Assessment Techniques.   Jennifer Muzyka was one of the leaders in the OpenOChem Project – Creating interactive chemistry assessments and presentations accessible from most any LMS workshop. Alexey Leontyev led a workshop and organized a symposium for 3D printing.  Forty attended the OrganicERs / Active Learning in Organic Chemistry Birds of a Feather lunch.

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