BCCE 2022 Call for Abstracts: Disrupting Grading


Jennifer Muzyka                                Joshua Ring

Jennifer Muzyka                  Joshua Ring

Traditional grading systems have been shown to be statistically invalid, unreliable, and oppressive, particularly to students who face systemic inequities. As chemistry educators, many of us despise grading and see it as one of the most tedious aspects of our jobs. It is time to disrupt grading — to learn different ways to provide evaluation to students. This symposium welcomes anyone who has tried or wants to try a different approach to grading (specifications grading, ungrading, or any alternative to traditional grading) in their classrooms at any level (high school, undergraduate, graduate, or other) and any subdiscipline (general, organic, or other) that may have a significant impact on students, teachers, and the system. In addition, this symposium is interested in the effects of alternative grading approaches on the classroom environment.

Organizers: Renee D Link (rlink@uci.edu), Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh (csorensen@cnm.edu), Kristina D Closser (kclosser@csufresno.edu), Daniel A Barr (dabarr@umary.edu), Jennifer L Muzyka (jennifer.muzyka@centre.edu),Joshua Roderick Ring ( joshua.ring@lr.edu)


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