ALOC Workshop in Atlanta

The 2017 Active Learning in Organic Chemistry (ALOC) workshop took place in Atlanta from June 12 through 15.  Twenty-four participants came from two- and four-year academic institutions all over the US, including one faculty member from Alaska!  In addition to hearing about research supporting active learning, workshop participants had opportunities to try out technology useful for flipping the classroom.  Tech tools introduced included LiveScribe pens, Doceri (iPad app), Explain Everything (iPad app), Nearpod, and OpenOChem.  Collaborative Learning Techniques (CoLTs) and Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) were both introduced and implemented during the workshop.  CATs and CoLTs used include:  muddiest point, pros and cons, jigsaw, categorizing grid, concept maps, documented problem solutions, applications cards, student generated test questions, think-pair-share, and round robin/round table.  On the final day of the workshop, Josh Ring (Lenoir-Rhyne University) shared his experiences with implementing specifications grading in his organic chemistry courses.

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