ALOC Symposium at the ACS 2019 Orlando

A wide selections of talks related to teaching organic chemistry classes were presented at the Active Learning in Organic Chemistry symposium at the Spring 2019 American Chemical Society meeting. The symposium was organizerd by two member of the leadership board, Alexey Leontyev (NDSU) and Jennifer Muzyka (Centre College). All symposium presented were given new purple OrganicERs t-shirts as a token of appreciation for their efforts. A list of talks and presenters are included in the table below.


Using clickers for peer instruction in weekly discussion sessions of a large-enrollment course of organic chemistry

Daniel Cruz-Ramirez de Arellano

Using clicker questions and small group discussions to foster an active learning environment in the organic chemistry lecture.

Sean P Hickey

Role of iOS and Android mobile apps in teaching and learning of Organic Chemistry

Ganesh Naik

Short videos as a tool to teach problem solving in a Large Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Class: A multi-semester study of student attitudes and approaches

Rekha R Srinivasan

Using short videos to regularly review common misconceptions: A change inspired by the cCWCS Active Learning in Organic Chemistry

Racquel DeCicco

Flippin Fridays: Active learning in organic chemistry

Daniel T Esterline

Full vs. partial flip: A comparison of two active learning pedagogies in organic chemistry

Gillian E A Rudd | Mary Beth Anzovino

Hybrid Learning in Large and Small Organic Chemistry Lectures

Christopher G. McDaniel

Evaluation of a peer-led team learning-blended classroom reform on student success in large organic chemistry courses

Joan Mutanyatta-Comar

Using "mechanism as a class" activities to move students from novice toward expert thinking

Kimberly N Cossey

Peer instruction and peer review in an upper-level organic reaction mechanism class

Kate Masters

NMR spectroscopy as a predictor of reactivity: A guided inquiry experience in an organic chemistry lab

Isabel Larraza

Progressive Learning in the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry II. A new perspective in Costa Rica

Carlos Antonio Arias

Towards Student Success – A multistep synthesis based Organic Chemistry Teaching Laboratory.

Gavin Pour

Exam wrappers in Organic Chemistry

Sarah Zingales

Increasing Student Engagement in Organic Chemistry Courses: Project Based Opportunities

Andrew Frazer

Practice makes . . . great organic students: Giving the power of learning back to the students

Kimberly N Cossey

Minimizing PowerPoints, maximizing discussions in organic chemistry class meetings

Kate Masters

Investigating student misconceptions in solving spectroscopy problems (NMR & IR) in undergraduate organic chemistry laboratory courses

Manashi Chatterjee

How do learner beliefs about knowledge affect performance in an active-learning organic chemistry class?

Dorian A Canelas

Electronic and steric effects: Gateway to making organic chemistry resonate with students

Monica Ilies


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